Why are we so stressed out these days? Why are we running all the time? Where are we heading that we forget to stop and "smell the flowers"? Do we really need the wants and want the needs that we so desperately fight for each day? I forget to pause and reflect what's really important sometimes.

And that is why I love photography. Ask yourself why do we take pictures of sunsets? We know there's going to be another one tomorrow, why this one? I think, it's not the sun that we are trying to take a picture of, but it's the feeling that we experienced at that moment that we want to preserve.

I studied photography and light just for that purpose, I mean, anybody can snap a photo of something or someone but to try to capture the right ingredients like the right light, shadows and composition that caused you to develop the warm emotions you felt at that moment requires dedication and appreciation for what photography is.

I strive to capture those moments and freeze those emotions on paper. I love to see the expressions of my clients when they recollect again and again the same feelings they felt when they were there the first time. That is why I choose photography, it helps me reflect on what is more important, love for people.

P. Rodrigues