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Six Things That Turn Off Buyers


  • Clutter

Clutter can be over stimulating on a buyers mind and they have a hard time imagine their own stuff being in the house so they have difficult time relating to a house with clutter. Also Clutter may portray a house to be unkept, that they could be things falling apart and not well maintained.


  • Personalized Décor

Bold colours and decorations can suit you but may not suit the buyer. It’s so much easier for people to relate to neutral palette colours and subtle decorations. This allows buyers to focus on the positives of the home.


  • Odours

Pet Odour, Heavy Cooking Smell, Tobacco, even Strong Air Fresheners can give the impression that there’s something else going on that you’re trying to cover-up, also smells of Dampness, Musty, Mouldy Mildew can signal that the property may have a problem. It is recommended a deep clean of the house and a fresh coat of paint.


  • Bad Lighting

Allow as much as possible Natural Light into the house: Big bushes or trees in front of windows may provide privacy but darkens the house inside. Bright spaces creates a spacious appearance and an inviting atmosphere. Solution: Trim trees and bushes, open blinds or use light window treatments.

Make sure all Lightbulbs in the house are working: Some buyers may thing that there may be a electrical problem if there’s non working bulbs. Very Important also is to have the same high wattage and colour temperature lightbulbs to brighten up the house. Just think, a dark house give the appearance of small spaces.


  • Stains & Damages

No one wants to buy a money pit. Look at your house objectively and address all the little and specially the big things. Drywall, Plaster, Paint, Caulking, Broken Windows, Floor Boards, Mouldings etc. Look at your house differently when you’re selling it to be worthy of market display.


  • Landscape

A tidy landscape is probably one of the most important thinks to do when you’re selling the house because we always say, “First Impressions are Important”. The 1st thing a buyer will see on his first visit is the outside of the house and if it’s not kept it may turn him off. Solution: Cut grass, plant flowers, fix driveway, trim scrubs and trees, wash doorways and windows, remove toys and tools and patch dead or brown grass.


By taking the time to following these 6 tips and fixing everything that needs to be dome will be the best thing you can do for your house to get more money and sell your property faster.